With equipment centrally located everything is neatly concealed in one location and all wiring is hidden from sight, ensuring that technology fits into the fabric of your home.

Multi room audio and HD video distribution are often the core elements of Home Technology, and often one of the first things considered when people look to turn their home into a Smart Home.

We strive to make our audio systems specifically designed to suit the needs of you and your family. Whether it is background music in the kitchen or Hi-Fi quality audio in the games room, we can create the ideal system for you.

When it comes to video distribution we try to keep this as simple as possible. A system should be robust and feature rich but most importantly easy to use. With an elegant all-in-one remote control, our customers can watch a whole host of visual content all over the house wherever there is a television installed. With the ability to watch multiple programmes or films simultaneously, Dad can watch the match in the games room, the children can watch cartoons in the den and Mum can watch her favourite movie in the living room.

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