Home automation refers to the use of computer and information technology to bring together component home appliances and features (such as windows or lighting) into one system.

At Barton Solutions this is what we do best. We produce high quality systems, which seamlessly integrate and control all of your electrical equipment. These systems are stunningly attractive yet functional and intuitive, placing complete control at your fingertips.

Our fully integrated systems can be controlled in a number of ways; a simple touch screen device can replace all of those unsightly remotes and provide a reliable single point of control for all of your AV, lighting, security & CCTV, climate control, blinds, curtains and much more. A system of this kind gives our customers the ability to control single electronic devices or a number of devices simultaneously. With the single push of a button the lights will illuminate to a pre-set level, the blinds slowly drop, and your favourite movie will begin to play.

Our clients also have the ability to control their entire system with the use of a smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

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